Easter Suzuki Piano Workshop 2017

Following last years very successful one day Suzuki mini camp. We are currently organising and arranging the logistics for another this year during the Easter holidays. More details will be released as soon as the date is set and many similar features from last year will be included.

Sunday 20th March: Easter Suzuki Piano Workshop 2016

We hosted the inaugural Suzuki Piano mini-Easter camp on Sunday 20th March 2016. Thanks to all our dedicated families, it was a roaring success. The camp bustled with piano students taught by the fantastic Marie Gaye-Barton who travelled from Edinburgh. It was a pleasure to have such a great teacher. Upstairs hosted our drum percussion workshop with the wonderful Sebastien and the very talented Monica who organised the facepainting, balloon making and art with the kiddies. We look forward to many more to come 🙂

This was especially important for anyone who are unable to attend the National Summer Camp in Cork this year (July 4th to 8th 2016). We are delighted to announce the attendance of some of our Suzuki families to this year’s Cork National Camp.

– Guest Suzuki Piano teachers for individual & group lessons

– Art and crafts

– Percussion activties

– Play together

– Closing concert



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